A Day of Two Notaries

Last Week

UPS Store

Last week needed to notarize a document.

Took it into our local UPS Store.

Unfortunately the lady said she could not notarize it the way the other party asked us to.

She said it is not done that way in the state we live.

She did it the way she knows how to.


This Week

The Other Party

The Other Party came back yesterday, Monday, and said the document was not notarized properly and that they will send the document back to us.

UPS Store

I was heated up once I got back to the UPS Store.

Explained to the gentlemen what was done wrong.

Called the other party twice and he explained what needed to be done clearly for over 10 minutes each time.

I was so surprised that the Agent at the UPS Store stayed with how he felt he had to do it.

Asked him to please give me my money back.

Knew I had to take a loss and look elsewhere.

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center

It is the City Square and the FedEx Store is on the other side of store.

Went by and was told they do not have a notary.


Postal Worker

These days going postal is a good thing.

Those young men and women work hard for their money.

Squeeze in a smile and just a friendly service.

I ran into a gentlemen, a postmaster,  who wanted his Boston Market like I needed mine.

Pulled him over and he listed the same two stores I have been.

Asked him for more options.

He said try Postal Annex.

His memory is so on point he gave me the street Address a few times over.

I thought to self something must be special about this store he was directing me to.

Recounted the way there a few times.


Postal Annex

The Postal Annex lady was the nicest anyone can meet.

So loving and endearing, one could tell she wanted the business.

She followed directions.

She lightened me up by affirming that each state does things differently.

Five Minutes later I was out of there leaving behind all the gratitude in the world.



Addendum – 2020-March-26th 10:20 AM

Emailed and received prompt response from Carolina @ Postal Annex



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