Seasonal Issues


Sharing today at an intimate level.


Noticed little redness on my elbow these last few weeks.

Was able to make a quick appointment with our local clinic.


Appointment for 11:45 AM

The first appointment was for 11:45 AM.

Got in around 12 PM.

Told I was too late.

And, that the lady that just got called in took my spot.

Appointment for 02:30 PM

Given another appointment for 2:30 PM.

Drove Back Home mad.


Here is how the examination went…


Came back at 2:30 PM

Got the paperwork in.

Called In

Called in.

Accepted the Temperature Stick.

Stepped on the scale and the young lady read out loud my weight.


Back Room

Went to the Back Room.

Shared my problems.

Gave consent for disclosures.


The Doctor, a lady, came in.

Showed her what I had showed her assistant earlier.

She said it is Eczema.


I asked her what likely triggered it :-

  1. Asthma
  2. Soaps


For me it is the Soap I have been using.


Costco has recalled the soaps for its harshness, but chose not to take it back in.


Here are the medications she suggested :-

  1. Cream
    • Eucerin
  2.  Soap
    • Dove
      • Unscented
    • Ivory


Avoid – WebMD





Here are some quick pointers :-

  1. Pay Attention
    • Please family pay attention to yourself
  2. Know
    • Know what comes in and what is going out
  3. Have and Keep Insurance
    • Have Insurance for yourself
    • Your loved ones
  4. Know Good Health Care Providers
    • Prayer
      • Prayerfully you meet good health care providers
    • Taking Care
      • Treat them well
    • Succinct
      • Be straight and direct with them
    • Gratitude
      • Thank Them for their service
    • Pay
      • A lot of them left good paying jobs to work for a non-profit or government subsidized facility


Live Well

Live Well and do everything you can to ensure others can and do, as well.

God is the Life Giver.

He has every reason to hold it against you if you feel and act otherwise.

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