Hassan Whiteside & Alexis Gardner


Closing out a hard-fought Monday.

To unwind, I watched highlights of Boston Celtics sweep Brooklyn Nets.

Returned to ESPN and watched the hard foul on Luka Dončić by Hassan Whiteside.


Hassan Whiteside on Luka Dončić

Here is the video of the foul:-

  1. Doncic’s attempted poster of Whiteside turns into a scuffle
    • Profile
      • Several Mavericks players take exception to Hassan Whiteside taking Luka Doncic down on a dunk attempt. Whiteside ends up shoving a few players and is ejected with two technical fouls.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Demoted On:- 2023-January-5th
      • Video #2
        Channel:- ESPN
        Date Published:- 2022-April-25th
        Added On:- 2023-January-5th


Who Is Hassan Whiteside?



Early Life

Whiteside is the son of Hasson Arbubakrr and Debbie Whiteside.

Hasson Arbubakrr, Hassan Whiteside’s father, played in the NFL for the Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1983 to 1984.

Whiteside grew up with six siblings and his mother who was single.

Born and raised in Gastonia, North Carolina, he attended three high schools in two years.

For his junior year of high school, he moved to Newark, New Jersey to go live with his Dad.

The following year he went back to Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

Whiteside was rated as the No. 19 center in the Class of 2009 according to Scout.com and ranked as the No. 87 recruit in the Class of 2009 by Rivals.com.


Professional career

Rookie Season ( 2010 )

Whiteside was selected by the Sacramento Kings with the 33rd overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft.

He played in the Kings’ season opener, recording two fouls in two minutes against the Minnesota Timberwolves,

He failed to appear in another game for the Kings all season.

Overseas ( 2013 – 2014 )

Played overseas.  He played in Lebanon and China.

Miami Heat ( 2014 – 2019 )

2014 – 2015

On November 24, 2014, Whiteside signed with the Miami Heat.

2016 – 2017

On July 7, 2016, Whiteside re-signed with the Heat on a four-year, $98 million contract.

Whiteside became the first player in NBA history to go from a league minimum salary to a max-level contract.

Sacramento Kings ( 2020 – 2021 )

On November 27, 2020, the Sacramento Kings announced that they had signed Whiteside to a one-year contract.

Utah Jazz ( 2021–present )

On August 6, 2021, Whiteside signed with the Utah Jazz.


Community Outreach

Whiteside has a younger brother, Nassan Arbubakrr.

Unfortunately, Nassan has autism.

In 2012, Whiteside incorporated a non-profit organization.

The Non-Profit was incorporated in the state of New Jersey.

The non-profit is named Nassan’s Place.

Nassan’s Place provides low to moderate-income families the opportunity to receive quality and affordable care for their children in a safe and carefree environment.


Who Is Alexis Gardner?

Birth Place

Alexis Gardner was born in Thomasville, Georgia.

College Years

For college, she attended and graduated from Marshall University in West Virginia.

While at Mashall University, Alexis met Hassan Whiteside.

Hassan played intercollegiate basketball at Marshall in 2009 and 2010.




Unfortunately, Ms. Alexis and Hassan Whiteside did not find forever after.

They agreed to part ways.

Ms. Alexes contracted Michael Avenatti to handle the settlement between her and Hassan.

Arrangement:- Hassan Whiteside & Michael Avenatti

Michael Avenatti was able to secure a $3 million agreement.

The payment arrangement reads:-

  1. $2.75 million in January 2017
  2. $250,000 on Nov. 1, 2020
Mr. Whitehead Fulfilment

Whiteside wired the $2.75 million on Jan. 25, 2017, to a client trust account at Eagan Avenatti.


Arrangement:- Michael Avenatti & Alexes Gardner

Mr. Avenatti’s part of the total sum was expected to be one-third.

That 1/3rd will translate to $1 million, plus expenses.

But, Avenatti kept all the money and misrepresented the settlement’s terms to Gardner.

He told her the initial payment was entirely for attorney fees, and her money would be split into 96 monthly payments over the next eight years.

  1. Avenatti wound up making 11 payments to Gardner, misrepresenting them as Whiteside’s monthly installments
    • In total, Mr. Avenatti paid Ms. Gardner about $194, 000
  2. Mr. Avenatti did not pay monthly installments to Alexes for the next 9 months
    • He told Ms. Gardner that Whiteside was breaching the settlement by skipping payments
Last Meeting

In April 2019, Mr. Avenatti met with Ms. Gardner at his apartment in Century City and told her Whiteside would soon make up for all the missed payments.

Where did the money go to?

Mr. Avenatti allegedly embezzled $2.5 million of the settlement to buy a private jet.




Hassan Whiteside

Miami Days

Hassan Whiteside – In Black Short Sleeves And Blue Jeans


Alonzo & Tracy Mourning

Nassan Arbubakrr in Family Portrait – 01

Nassan Arbubakrr in Family Portrait – 02


Siedah Garrett

Alexes Gardner



Black Bra and Shorts



In Words

“We entered into a mutually agreed-upon settlement more than two years ago following the end of our relationship; a settlement that reflected Alexis’ investment of time and support over a number of years as Hassan pursued a career in the NBA,”

Whiteside and Gardner told the Los Angeles Times in a statement released by his agent.

“It is unfortunate that something that was meant to be kept private between us is now being publicly reported. We have both moved on amicably and wish nothing but the best for each other.”


What a life these two have lived.

Empathy and Compassion born out of separate, yet shared struggles.


Referenced Work

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