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  1. Pregnant and In Love: But Are They Brother and Sister? (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
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      • McArthur v. Veals – A pregnant woman from Lancaster, PA seeks a paternity test after learning her fiancé may be her brother.
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        Channel:- Paternity Court
        Date Published:- 2022-April-25th
        Date Added:- 2022-April-25th
    • Participants
      • McArthur
      • Veals


Video Transcripts

Mr. Veals

  1. Past Life
    • I feel like I knew you or something

Ms. McArthur

  1. Soul Mates
    • I feel like he is my soul mate

Judge Lauren Lake

  1. Shared Biology

Video Comments

  1. Indigo Girl
    • Don’t just make that other brother sit down your Honor, make him leave the court. He was saying rude, snide comments throughout the testimony.  I’m sure this isn’t harder for anyone more than the couple here. I can’t even imagine how they are feeling..and then to handle a judgemental family when they just didn’t know of the possibility they were related when they met. They don’t look alike, it’s an honest mistake. They don’t deserve judgment, they already feel that shame and they couldn’t help falling in love. I sincerely hope they have peace after this
  2. maxdminimalist 715
    • That brother came in with a lot of nasty, misdirected energy. Guess who won’t be coming to dinner?
  3. Karly
    • I’m so glad judge told that silly brother to sit down 🙄 The audacity of that boy
  4. Talov Mor
    • Judge: you brought a witness today. What does he have to say?
      Me: JUDGE he’s been talking the entire time. I think he’s said ENOUGH.😳😳😳
      Plaintiff reminds me of Faith Evans

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