Win OS – Desktop – Toolbars – News and Interests


Microsoft continues down the path of partaking in the media business.

In this post particular post, specific Microsoft as a “News Aggregator“.



News and Interests

In Window 10, a “News and Interests” channel is offered.

Is it enabled?

If the “News and Interests” channel is enabled, you will likely see a temperature icon on your taskbar.


Sample Channel Offering

Here are sample channel offerings:-

Sample – 2021-09-23


Sample – 2021-09-28


Turn Channel Off


To turn off the “News and Interests” Channel, please do the following:-

  1. Access the Taskbar
    • By default, it is located at the bottom of your desktop
    • Elsewhere, if you have moved it intentionally or unintentionally as I have clumsily done in the past
  2. Look for an empty spot on the Task Bar
  3. Right-click on the empty spot
  4. A menu appears
    • Please access the “News and Interests” Option
    • Please choose the “Turn Off” option
Win OS – Desktop – Taskbar – Toolbars – News and Interests



A cluttered life as is.

I really do not need more from Microsoft.

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