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  1. Critical Race Theory ( CRT )
    • Josh McDowell Steps Down from Ministry Because of “Racist” Comments | MY REACTION
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        • A Well known Christian apologist and best-selling author and speaker Josh McDowell has recently stepped down from his ministry because of alleged “racist” comments he made during a recent conference.
        • In this video, we will explore whether or not those comments were racist, how people reacted to them, and Josh’s reaction as well.
        • I’ll also share some key lessons that we can learn from this situation from Josh McDowell that we can apply to our own lives.
        • Let the record show that Josh McDowell has since apologized for his statements as well.
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          Channel:- THE BEAT by Allen Parr
          Date Published:- 2021-September-26th
          Date Added:- 2021-September-29th
  2. False Prophecies
    • Christian YouTubers who Proclaimed False Prophecies that Donald Trump Would be Re-elected
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        • My heart is very heavy today because so many in the body of Christ are being swept up by a movement of false prophets who are trying to convince the body of Christ that they are hearing from God through dreams, visions, and “prophetic words.”
        • Please watch this entire video as I also share some advice for people who commonly say, “God showed me” or “God told me.”
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          Channel:- THE BEAT by Allen Parr
          Date Published:- 2021-January-20th
          Date Added:- 2021-May-31st
  3. Marcus Rogers
    • Marcus Rogers Calls Out Pastor Mike Todd for his Views on Speaking in Tongues | MY REACTION
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        • Recently Marcus Rogers called out pastor Mike Todd of Transformation Church for a video he posted on his IG about the evidence of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life. Marcus Rogers reacted to that video and now I want to react to his video because I’m fearful that this video and more specifically, the teaching contained in this video is VERY dangerous for believers worldwide.
        • If you don’t get anything else out of this video, please be careful and discerning as to who you listen to even if they are using scripture to support their position. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this video, Marcus Rogers’ video and/or Mike Todd’s video.
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        • Video #1
          Channel:- THE BEAT by Allen Parr
          Date Published:- 2021-May-14th
          Date Added:- 2021-May-31st
  4. Celebrity Pastors
    • Why These Three Celebrity Pastors Fell From Ministry and Yours May Too!
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        • Over the past 10 years or so we have seen several high-profile celebrity pastors of very large churches fall in ministry. They have either been removed, resigned, or simply retired. The sad reality is that they all left a trail of wounded victims along the way. While we don’t expect our leaders to be perfect, we do expect them to be above reproach.
        • From studying the lives of these three prominent high-profile pastors, I’ve come up with a list of qualities that most of them had in common that led to their demise. The sad part is that there are many more pastors who will undoubtedly follow in their footsteps UNLESS they make some serious changes.
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        • Video #1
          Channel:- THE BEAT by Allen Parr
          Date Published:- 2021-October-19th
          Date Added:- 2021-November-27th
  5. Prophecy
    • My Very REAL Experience with Prophecy | STORY TIME
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        • Today I want to share with you a very REAL, but INTIMATE experience in my life with…PROPHECY. Yep, that’s right. I want to share with you an experience from my life where I believe God spoke to me through a prophet.
        • Now, I also want to share with you some specific ways in which you can tell if a so-called “prophetic word” is from God or not. So, I hope you not only enjoy my very interesting story, but you also learn something valuable about prophecy and prophetic words.
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        • Video #1
          Channel:- THE BEAT by Allen Parr
          Date Published:- 2021-November-5th
          Date Added:- 2021-November-27th


Critical Race Theory ( CRT )

Josh McDowell Steps Down from Ministry Because of “Racist” Comments | MY REACTION



Josh McDowell

“Black People don’t have access to opportunities, they say.
But, it’s because they weren’t raised to value education and hard work”



Critical Race Theory ( CRT )

Josh McDowell Steps Down from Ministry Because of “Racist” Comments | MY REACTION

  1. Josh McDowell ( #1 )
    • Author
      • Books
        • An Evidence that demands a verdict ( Josh McDowell & Sean McDowell, PhD )
    • Considerations
      • Consideration #1
        • Anything he says will not take away his contribution to Christianity
          • Might taint your personal character
          • But, it does not take away what you have contributed to Christianity
      • Consideration #2
        • Take care with your words
        • Particularly if you have a platform
      • Consideration #3
        • Racist Tag
          • Be careful tagging him as a racist
          • Generalized
            • If you have ever generalized in the past, place that sam tag on yourself
    • Talk – 5 greatest, global epidemics
      • Number 1) Critical Race Theory ( CRT )
        • I just have to react to that
        • If you are placing, CRL has one of the world’s greatest epidemics
        • I don’t know what the other four are
        • I have not had a chance to look at his list
        • Because they took the recording down
  2. John McArthur ( #1 )
    • Social Justice
      • As an aside, John McArthur listed Social Justice as the most dangerous issue that evangelical Christianity has had to face in his lifetime and in the last one hundred years
      • Potentially Offensive to a segment of the population, as you may be overlooking
        • Jim Crow
        • Ku Klux Klan
        • Systemic Racism
    • Need to take time with what we say as we may potentially offend some people
    • I will leave that alone for another day
  3. Josh McDowell ( #2 )


Other Commentaries

Critical Race Theory ( CRT )

Josh McDowell Steps Down from Ministry Because of “Racist” Comments | MY REACTION

Relevant Magazine

Josh McDowell Is Stepping Back From Ministry After Making Racist Comments About Black Families
SEPTEMBER 24, 2021



Bestselling Christian author and speaker Josh McDowell has apologized following comments he made about Black Americans and other racial minorities, saying they were not raised to appreciate things like hard work and education. He also disparaged the idea of systemic racism and Critical Race Theory, which he described as an “epidemic” facing younger generations.

On Wednesday, McDowell apologized after an outcry, saying he “made comments about race, the Black family and minorities that were wrong and hurt many people.” He also announced he would be “stepping back” from his ministry for a “season of listening.”

Last weekend, McDowell — best known as the author of Evidence That Demands a Verdict — spoke at a meeting of the American Association of Christian Counselors where he described the “Five Greatest Global Epidemics.” Notably, the talk did not address the literal epidemic facing the globe right now, but did spotlight things like Social Justice and Critical Race Theory, the latter of which he said: “negates all the biblical teaching.

“There’s no comparison to what is known today as social justice with what the Bible speaks of as justice,” he said. “With CRT they speak structurally. The Bible speaks individually. Make sure you get that. That’s a big difference.”

McDowell then admits that he agrees that not everyone in the U.S. has the same opportunities as he’s had, but takes a decidedly novel track with it: I do not believe Blacks, African Americans, and many other minorities have equal opportunity. Why? Most of them grew up in families where there is not a big emphasis on education, security — you can do anything you want. You can change the world. If you work hard, you will make it. So many African Americans don’t have those privileges like I was brought up with.


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