Windows 10 – “Search the Web”

Background Only Microsoft can slow one's PC Experience down to a crawl and call it better OS Integration. Family I was using my brother's computer last night and noticed it was not running well, at all. Search Every time I access the "Search Windows" button and try to search for an application on his computer, … Continue reading Windows 10 – “Search the Web”

Linux Install Image – Burn to USB

Background Need to quickly install Linux. In this case, CentOS. Version The current version is 8. Artifacts Mirrors Install Images are available from various mirrors; listed here:- Mirrors US Link World Wide Link Metadata Here are some metadata :- Image Size :- 7.5 GB Burn ISO Image to USB Options Here are some of the … Continue reading Linux Install Image – Burn to USB

Windows – Version Number – “Net Config Workstation”

Background As I was troubleshooting another issue a few months ago, stumbled into another pathway for determining the Version Number of a Windows Computer. Lineage Windows 10 – Marketing Name via PowerShell Link Net Commands Command Syntax Output Output - Windows 10 Image Explanation Software version Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB Output - Windows 2016 … Continue reading Windows – Version Number – “Net Config Workstation”

Keep your laptop running when LID is Closed

Background There is really not much need to keep a laptop's lid opened when connected to an external monitor. OS Linux Outline Launch terminal sudo to root edit /etc/systemd/logind.conf Change folder to /etc/systemd Backup current logind.conf Launch editor ( vi) and pass along file name ( logind.conf ) Keep current HandleLidSwitch=suspend commented out Add HandleLidSwitch=lock Save … Continue reading Keep your laptop running when LID is Closed