When you feel weak


One of the strongest persons I know is my bride.



A little poem for her.


When she is weak
Every few months she is weak
And, I like those times
I enjoy those times

Knowing that she is pushed as far as she could
Knowing that she is pushed as fast as she could


I think to the timelessness of it all
Knowing in all of infinity
How could it be
That our time here on earth could overlap
Run and Spill into each other
Slip into each other


For those times when she is broken
Brittle from all she has to carry
Tarried from her journey

I say Love
What shall I do
She says pray
She says just pray



Though I could hear the same from so many others
Yet, hearing from her
The simplicity and the needfulness gives it grounding
Soil to Sow
Soil to kneel



Caring for self
And, so many others
I could never pray for all you do
Could never linger look



  1. Ronan Keating
    • When you say nothing at all
      • Summer Festival in Klaksvik, Faroe Islands aug. 2012.
        • Videos
          • Video #1
            Channel:- Summar Festivalur
            Date Published:- 2012-August-29th
    • If Tomorrow Never Comes
      • Profile
        • Written By:- Garth Brooks
      • Videos
        • Video #1
          Channel:- ronankeatingofficial
          Date Published:- 2018-July-31st
  2. Kenny Chesney
    • Better as a memory
      • Kenny Chesney Cries On Stage
        • Profile
          • Video of Kenny Chesney fighting the tears while trying to sing “better as a memory.”
          • So the fans help him out by singing it for him.
          • Very emotional moment
        •  Videos
          • Video #1
            Channel:- Guy Masters
            Date Published:- 2012-January-12th


In Dedication

In forever dedication to all the caretakers.



Faroe Islands


The Faroe Islands is a self-governing archipelago, part of the Kingdom of Denmark. It comprises 18 rocky, volcanic islands between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean, connected by road tunnels, ferries, causeways, and bridges. Hikers and bird-watchers are drawn to the islands’ mountains, valleys and grassy heathland, and steep coastal cliffs that harbor thousands of seabirds.

Garth Brooks

If Tomorrow Never Comes



Garth provided the following background information on the song in the CD booklet liner notes from The Hits:

“‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ will probably always be my signature song. I ran the idea for this song by what seemed like a thousand writers and no one really seemed to understand what I was looking for. On the day that Bob Doyle, my co-manager, introduced me to Kent Blazy, I passed this idea by Kent and he had the first verse down within fifteen seconds. I could tell he just felt it. Kent Blazy is a wonderful man, full of love and energy, and if we never write again, I hope that we are always friends first. Thank you, Ireland for this moment.”

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