Angel Tree – 2021 – Virtual


Our church once again chose the virtual path over the traditional face-to-face Angel Tree participation.



Here are the steps for going taking the virtual steps:-

  1. – Communicate Choice
    • Inform the Angel Tree Coordinators @ PrisonFellowship.Org that your church prefers the virtual track
    • Indicate the Number of Children that you will like adopt
  2. – Request Honored
    • Prison Fellowship honors the request
    • Local Prison Ministry coordinators are sent an email with the following details:-
  3. Virtual Angel Tree Tool – Usage
  4. Please browse through the list of Angels
    • For each Angel
      • The Angel’s First Name
      • The Angel’s Gender
      • The Angel’s Age
    • Please look here for sample images
  5. Choice – Angel
    • Please pick an Angel
  6. Choice – Sibling
    • If the chosen Angel has siblings, you are offered an opportunity to add in the siblings, as well
    • In the picture below
      • We have chosen Zaire
      • Zaire has two siblings
      • We are giving an opportunity to add the siblings
  7. Take Tags
    • Once you have chosen the Angels you will like to adopt, please click the “Take Tags” button
  8. Review your Donation
    • On the “Review your Donation” page your chosen Angels are displayed
    • On the “Review your Donation” page, you are presented with additional options
      • Give an additional amount to support caregivers
      • Support More Children
        • If you choose to support more children, you will be returned to the “Angel List” screen
      • Process to Payment
        • By clicking on the “Go to Payment” button, you will be move towards fulfilling your pledge
  9. Enter Payment Information
    • It is time to fund your Godly Act
    • Two types of payments are offered, and those are:-
      • Credit card
        • Here is what a credit card transaction looks like
      • Bank Account
        • Here is what a bank account transaction looks like
    • Funding – Credit Card ( required information are in bold )
      • Credit Card Number
      • CVC ( usually 3 digit pin number at the back of a credit or debit card )
      • Card Expiration Date
        • Month
        • Year
    • Funding – Bank Account ( required information are in bold )
      • Bank Account Number
      • Bank Routing Number
      • Account Type – Checking or Saving
      • Bank Name
      • Account Name



Angel List

Angel List -01



 Sibling -01




Take Tags

 Take Tags – 01

Review Donation

 Review Donation – 01

Payment Information

 Funding – Credit Card

Funding – Credit Card -01

 Funding – Bank Account

Funding – Bank Account – 01


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