Do you know who can help me?

Story Time


Once each week or in-between weeks we all get requests for help.

Someone calls you and asks you for assistance sourcing a need for a project they are working on.

As a good friend, you think and look through your database and match your contacts with the services they provide.

You return to the originating requester and hand over a few names and contact information.


Days Later

Days later, some of the people that you had handed over their names call you and say I never heard back from your friend that needed help.

You say please wait another day or two, and hopefully, you will hear from the requester.

Later they call and tell you, I still have yet to hear from the requester.


You Open Up

You open up to them and say I am sorry that you never heard from the requester.

You find little ways and words to tell and remind them how hard it is sometimes to read people.


My Take

Our to-do list keeps getting bigger and longer.

  1. Know People
    • Know people as in what they do
    • Know the services they provide
    • Know their comfort and reliance on lies and false testimony
    • Know how comfortable they are with using people
  2. Listen & Console People
    • Honorably listen and console those affected by people
    • Especially when you are the one who introduced them to others
    • People sometimes hope that if their experience with you was good, their experience with those you introduce them to will be just as good
  3. Prayerfully Waiting
    • With the economy being what it is, people are truly hoping on receiving calls from someone needing their help
    • It does not have to pay a lot, but it will lift up their soul and spirit
    • It will get them up in the morning


Beloved, a simple and single request for help can at times reveal so very much.

Pray and Hope for people.

The best in and for them.

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