Father Getting Popeyes for His Children

Lunch Meetup


Post Office Run

As I was going to the Post Office to mail a Christmas Gift a young man approached me.

He said please can you buy some food for my Children and I.

I asked what he wanted to eat, he said Popeyes.

The closest Popeyes was ten city blocks away.

He is riding his bike; I am walking.

Why Popeyes

Why Popeye’s?

I am from Louisiana and that is where it started

Where From, Where To

Well I moved here 4 years ago

His African Friend

He started telling me about his African Friend.

He furthered caught with a gun, the Americans get to stay, his friend, the African, gets deported.

Though deported, he keeps coming back.

The first time he was caught, he gave the system 2 years.

The second time, he gave 5 years.

The third time, he gave 7 years.

And, he still making plans to come back.

All the Accents

He went through accents like it was jamboree.

Chinese, yes I can do it.

Jamaica, nothing to it.

Africa here we go!

Picking Up Something From Each One

As we reached that last crossing, I asked him how he is able to do so many accents.

He said, he just is.

Everyone he is around, he picks up something from them.

If he is around me long enough, he will pick up something from me, as well.

Blood for Land

He brought up how people are being killed for buying land.

Yes, observers let them buy the land.

Lay in wait.

Later come back and take their lives.


What Color is God?

He asked me what Color is God?

I said I don’t know

For real though?

I said I don’t even think about it.


God is Spirit

I already know God is Spirit.

And, that I can not have a private conversation with my friend.

Have a different one in the public.

And, another one with God in our alone time.

When you have a personal relationship with a Holy God you don’t own him, you don’t loan him.


Girls who like Girls

On TV, he saw this girl talk about how she will be murdered if she get caught loving another girl.

Family pack

The family pack goes for 14 to 15 dollars.

He knows the prices.

But, here I am thinking

How you going to feed a family on chicken alone

Asked him to throw in the sides.

The meal comes with two large sides.

Asked him to throw in extra sides.

He opted for Apple Pies.


He was sure to give me space to enter my ATM Pin.

Made sure they are going to call his name.


He showed me the girl behind the counter

His lady crush

The “Rice and Beans” Mexican one

Earlier he had pointed out the Red Bone

He is Louisiana and so he knows his own

Something about Familiar Spirits


Here he go jousting with the cashier, the girl he will like to wife, and the manager

As a talker, the topic could have been anything.

This time it was around the exact pieces he will like in his chicken pack

He will have to wait 15 minutes


As he caught up in his jousting, I ducked

Them days

Grew up on the streets

Rode with Old Dudes daily making the chicken run

Some nights it was KFC

Most Nights it was IHOP

They stay open past midnight

And, they always have hot coffee

Keeping an Eye Out

A watch out

For the Chicken Head, especially on a rainy night



Dedicating to a Holy God

And, what he brought me through



Giving more than enough in terms of gifting to not get caught behind

Like you, I get tired of the asks

Especially when it is over little things

Things that will not make a difference in People’s Lives

But, then the Spirit of God says and asks to “Put it down

And, step back and see you

How many years you lived within a Daily Provision

And, so here I forfeit the right to demur



Holy Spirit



How many years he walked that walk with me

His Spirit enduring places he did not want to go

Keeping silent, Keeping Hidden

In places he will rather not be seen



Ever the Listener

He said

State your case

Make it Plain

Put it in Writing

So you can’t back out of it


Ever the Teacher

Taking his time

Emptying Himself

In little Conversations

Especially to the Heady, the Strong Willed

The ones against ( what he is trying to do,  what he has to do )

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