Other Side of A Need



Had to own up to wifey
Things came up
People lay down each day
This time it was one of mine
Money saved had to go to make sure “He Rest Well

If you go ahead
Scribble down my Sign next to yours

What is me
Is you Anyways

Just Make sure my name next to yours
Cause I don’t have my ends
Don’t mean you get to ride solo



Told my Brother
And, his girl
The Apartment
The Apartments we been looking at
Got to move it forward

A few weeks
Promise on mums
Weeks will not turn to months


My Ex / His Next

My ex texted me
I see how you do me
Can’t Take My Text
Can’t Take My Call

Since Shortie Came Along
And, you wifed her
Though you promise to never forget
Though you see me get the Tats



I texted my Bro Adrian
Just checking on you Family

He said do you want to meet up
I said busy with Ministry and it can not happen for another Month or Two

He fessed
I am out of work, so keep me prayed up



Listening to :-

  1. Quando Rondo
    • Quando Rondo – Collect Calls
      Published On :- 2019-Dec-10th

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