LinkedIn – Customization – Who can view your Connections?


Ever few weeks, I receive an unsolicited requests to add a new person to my LinkedIn Connections.

I review it and if I know that person, I add them in.

Depending on my gut feelings, I will either add an invitee I do not know, or sit on it for a while.

If I oblige a requester that I do not know, I will more likely than not, message that person and try to determine what is the basis for their invite.


Yesterday was one of those days where I added someone and shortly thereafter messaged them to find out why they sent me a request in the first place.

I have yet to hear back from the person, actually a company.



I am glad that my Linkedin Connections are better protected than I am.


Connections Visibility

I will suggest that you manage your connections visibility by accessing



I have opted to not share my Connections with anyone outside of Self.

The other option, likely the default option, is to allow “Your Connections” to view each other.


Nice GUI

I like the GUI work that some of the Web Sites are employing.  No Save Button.  Make changes and they are auto-saved and you have a visual object to indicate that things are taking of.




Web sites evolve and if the link referenced above should change, please use the Help button to seek follow-up advice.

Here is the URL to Help.

Searched Item

who can see your connections


We opted for “Controlling who sees your Connection ListLink.

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