LinkedIn – Security – Two Factor Authentication – Verification Method – Phone

Background Please continue to follow Best Practices as much as possible with your online Accounts. Online Accounts inclusive of Banking, Email, Social Media. Linked In Security Relative to Facebook there is not a lot of miscreants on LinkedIn. Please use that grace wisely. Two Factor Authentication If you do not have Two Factor Authentication setup, … Continue reading LinkedIn – Security – Two Factor Authentication – Verification Method – Phone

Rev. Dr. Frank A. Thomas:- Conversations – Dr. Howard-John Wesley & Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr.

Videos Conversations Dr. Howard-John Wesley A Conversation with Dr. Howard-John Wesley hosted by Dr. Frank A. Thomas Profile Dr. Howard-John Wesley,  pastor of Alfred Street Baptist Church, Alexandria, Virginia talks all things preaching. This phenomenal preacher explores his preaching mentors, preparation method, prescriptive preaching homiletic, matriculation as a PhD student in preaching, church and personal … Continue reading Rev. Dr. Frank A. Thomas:- Conversations – Dr. Howard-John Wesley & Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr.

Dr. John Cheng, Blessed Memory

Background On Sunday, May 15th, 2022, Dr. John Cheng took his mother to a Taiwanese Church in Southern California. The name of the Church is Geneva Presbyterian Church. The Church is located in Laguna Woods, Orange County, California. Unfortunately, a gun man came in. To protect the Church Congregants Dr. John Cheng got between the … Continue reading Dr. John Cheng, Blessed Memory

Aaron Salter:- Bearing witness to the love of God

Aaron Salter Link Textual This is Aaron Salter jr, the retired Buffalo Police officer who was working as a security guard at Tops yesterday in Buffalo. This man went face to face with pure evil and courageously defended the lives of innocent people. We must honor all the victims and never forget this hero. Image … Continue reading Aaron Salter:- Bearing witness to the love of God

WordPress:- ShortCodes – Escaping – pInterest

Background As I noted previously, WordPress allows bloggers and developers to consume various forms of media. Internally, WordPress engineers write very complex code to make it easy for bloggers to use the smallest of code to request the rendering of media.   CSS We will be using a couple of CSS. Using CSS will help … Continue reading WordPress:- ShortCodes – Escaping – pInterest

WordPress:- ShortCodes

Background WordPress is an actual platform. As a platform, it provides tooling to consume data and media from various sources.   Outline Music YouTube SoundCloud Image Sharing Pinterest Code Sharing GitHub Gist   Contents Music YouTube Outline Link Paste the link Embed with a Short Code Use youtube tag Link Paste the link   … Continue reading WordPress:- ShortCodes

Gary Vaynerchuk, On Fear

Background Crediting my LinkedIn Family. This time, My Bro. Herschell. Good, Straight Forward, Straight Shooter if ever there was one.   Words   A great leader eliminates fear, a terrible leader weaponizes fear Comments Larry Cabrera Lead with fear, people are quick to leave or take you down. Lead with love, people will fight to … Continue reading Gary Vaynerchuk, On Fear

Sumaia Masoom:- Acts of Inclusiveness

Background This is a baring story by Sumaia Mosoom. It was liked on LinkedIn by my Bro, Aaron S.   Ramadan at Visa Link As I enter my 4th (send help) Ramadan at Visa and try not to make too many typos in my emails with fasting-brain, I’m processing the gravity of the fact that it’s finally … Continue reading Sumaia Masoom:- Acts of Inclusiveness

Arash Bereliani, M.D.

Background Steph liked this story on Linked In. Let us get with it. Portrait     Story I let a mother die. Link I let a mother die. Almost… This was about 3 years ago when a 22-year-old female with a 2-year-old daughter was in need of medical help. She had been having chest pains … Continue reading Arash Bereliani, M.D.

Victory Brinker

Background Patie liked this other story on Linked In. Videos Music Fall on me ( Andrea Bocelli ) "Fall On Me" | Victory Brinker Videos Video #1 Channel:- Krystal Ritenour Published:- 2021-February-5th Date Added:- 2022-April-3rd Link Victory Brinker- Queen of the Night(Der Hölle Rache) Victory Brinker- Queen of the Night(Der Hölle Rache) Profile Victory sings … Continue reading Victory Brinker