FoxIT:- PDF Editor Review – G2 – “Get a $25 Amazon gift card when you review Foxit PDF Editor” – Linked In

Background Fox IT emailed me a request to write a review for its PDF Editor. I have been a bit busy lately, but tried to go ahead with the review last night.   Fox IT - PDF Editor Review - Courtesy of G2 Outline Email Review Email G2 Share Your Insights Login or Create An … Continue reading FoxIT:- PDF Editor Review – G2 – “Get a $25 Amazon gift card when you review Foxit PDF Editor” – Linked In

Shraddha Jain (aiyyoShraddha):- Laid off

LinkedIn Feed Courtesy of a like by someone that I am connected to on LinkedIn, I became aware of AiyyoShraddha. BTW, here is the post:- Link Image   Textual Pareekh Jain CEO EIIRTrend. EIIR (Engineering, IoT, Industry 4.0, R&D) Analyst. Why are tech firms doing layoffs? AiyyoShraddha again with her fresh humorous take on this … Continue reading Shraddha Jain (aiyyoShraddha):- Laid off

Google:- Layoffs – 2023 – January

Background With everything going on in the world, I have desperately needed to take some down time. I took some this past weekend. Steve D'Aurora Likes John S. Davis II ( Personhood ) Erin Relford ( Posted By ) “Hey Google, what is Googlyness?”On Friday, my team lost our fearless leader and TL John S. … Continue reading Google:- Layoffs – 2023 – January

Fiaz Hossain:- How can I help you?

Liked I like this post from one of my favorite human beings? Fiaz Hossain. Link Distinguished Architect - Security at To all my wonderful #salesforce colleagues affected by the news this week... please let me know how I can help you. - Can I put you in touch with a contact of mine? - … Continue reading Fiaz Hossain:- How can I help you?

Odele Desmuke Hawkins:- Club Membership

  Club Membership Link This is a club to which no one wishes to belong indeed. As a club member, sending love, light and strength to one of my heroes. Tennis great Martina Navratilova fighting ‘double whammy’ cancer diagnosis Impersonal By the nature of the work that I do for a living, I am very … Continue reading Odele Desmuke Hawkins:- Club Membership

Gilles Tchianga, Wes Hall:- “Betting On a Person”

Background Life is full of tales. Some worth listening to; limited worth cheering on. He left his native East African Country, Cameroon, to go study abroad. He studied Food Processing at the University of Milan in Milan, Italy. Stay Abroad Upon completing his studies he decided he could not go back home to Cameroon. The … Continue reading Gilles Tchianga, Wes Hall:- “Betting On a Person”

Manoush Zomorodi:- Boredom

Videos Ted Talk How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas Manoush Zomorodi Videos Video #1 Channel:- Cam Nguyễn Date Published:- 2019-May-26th Date Added:- 2022-November-9th Link Spoken On People Dr. Sandi Mann Boredom Researcher Dr. Daniel Levitin Neuroscientist Daniel Joseph Levitin, FRSC is an American-Canadian cognitive psychologist, neuroscientist, writer, musician, and record producer. He … Continue reading Manoush Zomorodi:- Boredom

Rich Mason:- LinkedIn Security Advise

Background Rich Mason is a former CISO at Honeywell. Early this week he cued in to the fact that someone was creating false LinkedIn profiles.   LinkedIn Profiles Many of the false profiles had titles such as CISO ( Chief information security officer ).   LinkedIn Response Krebs On Security In a statement provided to … Continue reading Rich Mason:- LinkedIn Security Advise

LinkedIn:- Connection – Request

Background Back on July 19th, 2022 I received a LinkedIn request.   LinkedIn Request Requester Review Mutual Connection(s) I quickly reviewed the request. Noticed that we share a mutual connection. Correspondence Correspondence with Mutual Connection Image Textual JUL 19 Daniel Adeniji sent the following message at 11:23 AM I just received a linked request from … Continue reading LinkedIn:- Connection – Request