Visible Thinking


Early this year, we had a day set aside entirely for team building.

There are so many things to share when a group locks itself away from his normal working environment into hopefully a nice settling off campus.


What was shared?

Making thinking visible

How do we make our thinking visible?  And, how to encourage others, likewise  ….

Here is what the facilitator shared:

  1. Make your own thinking visible
    • Share opinions
    • Provide reasoning
    • State disagreement
  2. Help others make their thinking visible
    • Seek information from others
    • Ask others for their reasoning
    • Examine Others
    • Ask others to state disagreement
  3. Help move group to agreement
    • Summarize agreement and disagreement
    • Recommend compromise
    • Check/Poll for agreement
    • Establish next steps



Again, these are not my words, but someone else.

I am openly sharing it in hope that it helps others.


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