IRS – Tax Filings – Extension – “Express Extension”


I have a very poor habit of not getting my taxes done on time.


Express Extension

Since 2019, my go-to outfit for getting an extension is “Express Extension“.

Let us get with it.




  1. Single or Joint Filing
    • Primary Tax Information
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • SSN
      • Day-Time Phone
    • Mailing Address Information
      • Address Line 1
      • Address Line 2
      • City
  2. Tax Liability
    • Do you owe taxes to the IRS
      • Yes
      • No
  3. Summary
  4. Review
  5. Filing Fees
  6. Credit Card Details
  7. Order Summary
    • Click on the “Pay and Transmit” button
    • The system displays “Your Return is being transmitted” status
  8. Transmitted to the IRS
  9. Review Filings



Single or Joint Filing


Tax Liability



Filing Fees

Order Summary

Pay and Transmit

Your Return is being transmitted


Transmitted to the IRS

Review Filings



If you have yet to file your taxes, please process an extension the traditional way, by print.

Or electronically.

It costs $12.99 to use “Express Extension“.

It beats having to pay the IRS penalty fees for filing late.

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