Microsoft Teams:- Performance – “Run on Start Up”


I was using a family member’s computer and I noticed, as always, it was very lethargic.


Task Manager

I launched Microsoft’s Task Manager and immediately noticed Microsoft’s Team is the biggest member occupier.

I know the family member is not using Teams at that immediate time.

I remember that he only installed Microsoft’s Team a fortnight ago and his usage is very minimal.



Microsoft Teams

Please configure Teams not to automatically start.


  1. Launch Microsoft teams
  2. Access the application’s settings via the top menu
  3. In the Settings window, please access the general Tab
  4. Window Settings, Tab General
    • Group Box – Application
      • AutoStart application ( Uncheck )
      • Open application in background ( Uncheck )
      • On close, keep the application running ( Uncheck )


Microsoft Teams

Window Settings, Tab General



An application’s default configuration should be adjusted to match your default use case.

If you know you barely use an application, please configure it to only start upon initiation.

Unfortunately, some applications, by default, autostart.

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