UDP Flood Attack


My Internet connection has been spotty for a while here.


Finally, took the time this evening to see what is going on.


  1. Router
    • Check the Router
  2. Wireless Access Point
    • Check the Wireless Access Points
  3. Computer & Hosts
    • Check the computers and hosts connected to your Router & Hosts
  4. Internet Service Provider
    • Check with your ISP


  1. Check your Router’s Log
  2. Check your Router’s Configuration


Wireless Access Point

  1. Check your Wireless Access Point Log
  2. Check your Wireless Access Point Configuration


Computer & Hosts

  1. Check the computer and hosts that are sitting behind your firewall and wireless Access Point
  2. Check the services that are running and being provided from the hosts
    • Determine if you are able to tighten up your security profile
    • Are they open to everyone or do they require authentication
    • Have you restricted the network availability zone
      • The smaller your network availability zone the better
  3. Is your OS Patched
  4. Are your offered services patched

Internet Service Provider

  1. Engage your ISP




As I always tell everyone I have my own issues, I don’t know need to go quiz anyone about theirs.

Thanks to God for that.


What I noticed in my logs:-

  1. Per-source UDP Flood Attack Detect Packed Dropped
  2. Whole system UDP flood Attach from WAN Rule: default deny
  3. DHCP request success
  4. Remote Management is disabled
  5. Anti-spoofing enabled
  6. Block WAN PING enabled
  7. URL Blocking disabled


  1. Take the hosts offline
  2. Google
  3. Bring back online
  4. Back at One

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