Michael Jai White On Becoming

Becoming Michael Jai White

I knew I had to become the man that I am to deserve the woman that I have



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          Published On :- 2019-July-26th


In depth

  1. I became the couple that I saw when I was 14 year old, riding around on my bike
  2. I knew I had to become the man that I am to deserve the woman that I have


Rolling Out

Exclusive: Michael Jai White and Gillian Iliana Waters tie the knot


  1. How are your daughters getting along?
    • Gillian Iliana Waters White: Amazing!
      Michael: Our 6-year-old daughters called themselves twins from day one. They insist on dressing alike. They really couldn’t be closer.
  2. What about your parents?
    • Michael: My parents have passed. I have parents in hers. They are like my mom and dad, too.
  3. Michael, when did you know she was the one?
    • Michael: I knew a long time ago. We’ve known each other 19 years now. We met and dated and wound up going on different paths. We were addicted to helping people through their drama. We were always the common forces in our relationships and friendships. She and I were so low maintenance together that we ended up doing our missionary work in other places. We’ve remained friends and close. We were blessed with the opportunity to reunite four years ago. We haven’t looked back.

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