We have all heard it at one time or another.

It Goes

  1. It goes I am praying for you.
  2. I am praying for you.  Hope everything goes well
  3. How are things?  Is there a specific request, or are there things you will like to me go to the Lord to, on your behalf

Our Response

Our response goes:-

  1. Oh Thank You
  2. If we know the person well
    • We will really take time to thank them; knowing their investment
    • We might offer specific areas that we will like prayed upon

And, we go on about our business.

We go on and do what needs to be done.

Happy Go Lucky

The Happy Go Lucky guy, says to himself, I have prayers, let me go do what I need to do.
He says to himself. Now I know I am going to get that pay raise.

I am going to get that new thing, I have been wanting to get.

Matured Faith

As one gets older and experiences life a bit more, one is a bit more circumspect.

One is a bit more reflective and guarded.

One looks for counsel within a safe harbor of family and friends.

People who have been through some things.

One says please watch over me, pray over me.

Please go to the Lord on my behalf.


Discernment is important, as well.

One can read through the fluff of life.

People who do not have anything to add; just saying things for the sake of saying it.


Family, please let us continue to be mindful of what we are being entrusted with.

Life is tough, times are tougher.

Be sober, for yourself and those who you are caretakers and caregivers to.


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