WSL:- Provision CentOS

Background Let us quickly provision CentOS using WSL on a Microsoft Windows 10 system.   Microsoft WSL Linux Distributions Here are the Linux Distros that are officially supported by Microsoft WSL. NAME FRIENDLY NAME Ubuntu Ubuntu Debian Debian GNU/Linux kali-linux Kali Linux Rolling openSUSE-42 openSUSE Leap 42 SLES-12 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server v12 Ubuntu-16.04 Ubuntu … Continue reading WSL:- Provision CentOS

WSL:- Networking Issue – Day 01

Background I was having problems with a python script on my MS Windows computer. Chose to try out the same python script in Win OS / WSL Subsystem. Python Installed WLS, specifically Ubuntu flavored. It comes with Python. But, stuck trying to perform python module installs.   Network Is it possible that the error is … Continue reading WSL:- Networking Issue – Day 01