Google – Chrome – Resource Manager


Anyone who uses Google’s Chrome Web Browser will notice that the system will run increasingly slower as more Google Windows and Tabs are opened.

Let us see how to gauge the resource consumption and respond to it a bit.

Gauge Resource Usage

The key to tracking and breaking down Google’s Chrome Resource Usage is to access the aptly named “Task Manager” window.

The path to doing so is to:

  • Click the the three breaking lines on the rightmost portion of your Google Bar
  • Select the “Tools” menu
  • Select the “Task Manager” menu

On one of our machines, here is our output:


Items using Resources

  • The item using the most memory is “WordPress”
  • Then comes an item known as “Browser”
  • Then comes “Extension: Adblock Plus” and “Extension: AdBlock”
  • Next comes Plugin: Shockwave Flash


  • I never quite delved into how WordPress works, but obviously it does quite a bit, but it also really uses quite a bit of resources especially when in edit mode
  • Bad on me as I have two Ad-Blockers.  I have both AdBlock Plus and AdBlock.  Will have to choose and uninstall the other
  • Next, comes Shockwave Flash as I the per-functionary Audio

Alternate Options

Alternate Options – Google Chrome – Single Process

Like most other browsers, you can sacrifice “security” and run all Google Windows and Tabs under one process.

To do so, change your Google short-cut and add –single-process after the closing double-quotes.


Upon doing so, you will get individual processes for something Google calls Browser, Extensions, Plugins, and a single process that combines all user Tabs.

If you choose to go that route, on start-up, Google will post a warning message:

“You are using  an unsupported command-line flag: –single-process. Stability and security will suffer”


For the tip, crediting Saikat Basu @

To get a firmer understanding of Google’s Chrome process mode, please consider reading “The Chromium Projects – Process Models“(


I will advise that you keep a bit of handle on how many windows and tabs you have opened.

Continue to review the Extensions and plug-ins you have installed and activated.


  • Can you show each tab’s memory usage? Maybe a link on the tab’s right click menu?? 

Microsoft – Windows – Task Manager – Missing Functionality

As Fridays ago, another busy one.  Many things due, unlikely to finish even 1.

But, still a co-worker showed up and asked whether I still have use of my Task Manager.  I went to his cube and as he was not too happy about why he suddenly could not use his Task Manager anyone.

I thought I was  on to to something when I noticed that the Task Manager showed up on the screen of a multi-monitor setup.  But, he keep asking me to see that the Task Manager was missing:

  1. The various Tabs – just the process showed

He dryly commented that may be the System Administrators had taken away his ability to ‘Kill Processes’ since he frequently used that ability.

I thought may it was a virus and he agreed that it might be, as well.

Tried googling it, but did not know what to google for.

Finally, stumbled upon something on the NET.

On Yahoo Answers (, Asker replied:

“Try double-clicking in the space between the frame and the box”.

Fumbled around trying to do so, and mirracously the Task Manager re-appeared in its full glory.


  1. How do I reset the task manager to default settings?