African America Youth & Ancestral Worship

Background This is a tough one to post on. I will withhold comments as the videos plentifully speak for themselves.   Videos Vice Life Black Women's Journey Why Some Black Women Are Turning to Witchcraft Profile Once a haven for the entire community, the Black church is losing some of its younger members to witchcraft. … Continue reading African America Youth & Ancestral Worship

Solomon’s Temple – A Christian And A Critique of Same

Introduction Solomon Izang Ashoms is a South African-based Christian and a critique of some of its leading figures.   Twitter Participating in a "Victorython" fundraiser for Kenneth Copeland's ministry, right-wing pastor Jesse Duplantis brags about being a multi-millionaire with his own private plane while telling viewers that they can "speed up" the return of Christ … Continue reading Solomon’s Temple – A Christian And A Critique of Same