Kaspersky – Rescue CD – Stuck at “Creating Swap file”

Background Having a slow PC day on one of the servers in our LAB.  Unfortunately, it is a left over MS Windows 2003 Server. And, so I am thinking it could honestly be anything; including viruses. Kaspersky Rescue-CD Brought out my old and very reliable Kaspersky Rescue CD. Boot Into Rebooted the computer, as it … Continue reading Kaspersky – Rescue CD – Stuck at “Creating Swap file”

OS – Microsoft – Windows – Rescue CD

OS - Microsoft - Windows - Rescue CD Anyone in IT hears that call all too often. My PC is dead.  Please help! What options does one have ... Drive cross country Drive a couple of hours All good options.  But, another option is to make a rescue CD, snail mail it, and hopefully it … Continue reading OS – Microsoft – Windows – Rescue CD