Storage – Strip Unit Size

Background A Storage disk's Strip Unit Size is often taken into consideration as one considers storage alignment. So I am finishing up and closing all opened Google's Chrome Tab, and went back and read: Disk Partition Alignment (Sector Alignment) for SQL Server: Part 4: Essentials (Cheat Sheet) Jimmy May's paper principally deals with Microsoft … Continue reading Storage – Strip Unit Size

Technical: NetApp – MPIO – Path Details

Technical: NetApp - MPIO - Path Details As part of NetApp diagnostic, you might need to dig deep into which paths are actually being used. MPIO Path Details Launch Computer Management In the left panel, Access Storage \ Data OnTap(R) DSM Management \ Disk Management In the right panel, select the Disk Right Click on … Continue reading Technical: NetApp – MPIO – Path Details

NetApp – nSanity

NetApp - nSanity nSANity Data Collector is a support tool designed to aide users and technical support in troubleshooting complex issues. nSANity is able to collect diagnostic and configuration data from a variety of components including: To get it, you need a NetApp account. Here are a couple of usage documentation. Syntax: nsanity windows:[domain-name]\[user-name]:*@[host-name] … Continue reading NetApp – nSanity