Oracle – Temporary Table – Drop Table

Background Using Temporary Table Outline Temporary Table Create Temporary Table Option:- On Commit On Commit Preserve Rows On Commit Delete Rows  Discard all existing Data Truncate Table Insert Data Insert Data using "insert into" Fetch Data Fetch Data using "select" Truncate Data Truncate data from temporary table using "truncate table" Drop Table Drop Table Using … Continue reading Oracle – Temporary Table – Drop Table

Oracle – DATEDIFF Using Arithmetic

Background Earlier this week I needed to determine the difference between two dates. In Transact SQL, I will employ datediff. In Transact SQL, datediff allows one to compare two dates using years, months, days, hours, minutes in terms of measurement. Oracle Sample SQL Result Grid Image Textual friend DateMet nowUsingToChar nowUsingToCharFormatted numberofDaysFractional numberofDaysFractional ( 3 … Continue reading Oracle – DATEDIFF Using Arithmetic