COVID-19:- Vaccination Record – Digital – State – California ( CA)

Background For your personal record-keeping, employment verification, and other needs you might want to retrieve your Covid vaccination record. Steps   Outline Visit CA Portal Enter your information Receive Link Personal Digital Covid-19 Vaccine Record CA Department of Public Health - CDPH Vaccination Support - Virtual Assistant Visit CA Portal The URL for the website … Continue reading COVID-19:- Vaccination Record – Digital – State – California ( CA)

Derek Carr On “More Information….”

Background Derek Carr's introduction of seeking more and more information resonates with me. There was a recent event held in Fresno, California, The event's name is "The Altar Conference 2019".   Admonishment Derek admonishes us not to approach the Altar and have him show up and make it a "Question and Answer (Q/A)" session. It … Continue reading Derek Carr On “More Information….”