MS SQL Server – Determine principal’s schema level privileges

--place replace with actual database-name

use <db-name>;

DECLARE @user sysname

--please replace with actual user-name
set @user = 'user'


         , grantee_principal.type 
         , prmssn.permission_name

FROM  sys.schemas AS s

         INNER JOIN sys.database_permissions AS prmssn

            ON  prmssn.major_id=s.schema_id
            AND prmssn.minor_id=0
            AND prmssn.class=3

         INNER JOIN sys.database_principals AS grantee_principal

              ON grantee_principal.principal_id 

                     = prmssn.grantee_principal_id

WHERE grantee_principal.[name] = @user

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