Conviction:- Sharon Stone

Background The word for this season is Conviction. Sharon Stone Child Custody Battle CBS News Sharon Stone says she lost custody of her child because of her famous scene in "Basic Instinct" Link Authored By:- Simrin Singh Date Published:- 2023-March-9th Actor Sharon Stone lost custody of her child in 2004 because of her brief nudity … Continue reading Conviction:- Sharon Stone

Emily Bruner:- Income Sharing Agreement

Background Emily Bruner agreed to a $30,000 income-sharing agreement with a for-profit coding boot camp.   Personhood Emily Bruner signed an ISA with Lambda School on June 29, 2019, while she was living in New Mexico. Agreement She took out $30,000 for Lambda's six- and 12-month computer science programs. Ms. Bruner started school in September … Continue reading Emily Bruner:- Income Sharing Agreement

Vladimir Putin:- Covid, Vaccination & “Walking between the raindrops”

Vaccination Rates As of 2021-October, here is the current vaccination rate for listed counties: Country Vaccination Rate Portugal 87% UAE 86% Singapore 84% Spain 80% Cambodia 77% Uruguay 75% China 74% Canada 74% South Korea 72% Italy 71% France 68% UK 67% Germany 66% Cuba 62% US 57% Turkey 56% Brazil 55% Thailand 41% Mexico … Continue reading Vladimir Putin:- Covid, Vaccination & “Walking between the raindrops”

COVID – Rescue Package – Health Insurance

Background Family, we all know someone struggling financially. Added on, someone needing medicare care. Please render them hearing ears. Minds, ears, and eyes that are attentive. Sober disposition.   Referenced Work Please read more here:- Doug Whiteman Yahoo The Biden stimulus offer of free health insurance is quickly coming to an end Date Published:- Monday … Continue reading COVID – Rescue Package – Health Insurance

Covid-19 :- Medication

Background With all that is going on around us, it is quite difficult to be able to discern who is doing what, what they are doing, how we can contribute, and benefit. For instance, as we close out November 2020, a few pharmaceutic companies have released data on the vaccines for Covid-19. Communication The technical … Continue reading Covid-19 :- Medication