Notepad++ – Configuration – Backup

Background Like Lionel Richie I am still stuck on Notepad++. Still crazy after all these years.   Scenario As I per-used Windows Explorer noticed corresponding backup files. Remediation Let us address. Outline In Notepad++ Access Settings \ Preferences From the left panel, access the backup tab The "Backup on Save" group-box, offers three options None … Continue reading Notepad++ – Configuration – Backup

Windows Powershell ISE:- File Encoding

Background Last week I was trying to get a Powershell code to work. As we have different "environments" this particular script needs to work on at least one machine in each distinct environment.   Command File The script creates extracts each time it runs. I really did not want those extracts to be saved all … Continue reading Windows Powershell ISE:- File Encoding

notepad++:- Plugin – “JSON Viewer”

Background Running more and more into JSON everywhere I turn.   Notepad++ Notepad++ remains my go-to editor in MS Windows. Let us go back and review how to use JSON Viewer to properly format an unformatted JSON file. Plugin - JSON Viewer Notepad++ has a lot of good things for it. It is small and … Continue reading notepad++:- Plugin – “JSON Viewer”

Git Clone – Error – “fatal: Too many arguments”

Background Ran into a little error using ""Git Bash" on MS Windows.   Error Error Message - fatal: Too many arguments. Image Text Code TroubleShooting Outline Show Hidden Characters Linux / GitBash vi show hidden characters MS Windows Notepad++ show hidden characters Task Git Bash vi Show Hidden Characters Outline Original Plain text view Enter … Continue reading Git Clone – Error – “fatal: Too many arguments”

Notepad++ and XML Editing

Background I need a way to quickly edit XML within my editor of choice, Notepad++. What to do, but took to Google and see whether Notepad++ supports XML. And, yes it does: How to format XML in Notepad   Auto Update In Notepad++, to install or update plugins, I will access the menu option … Continue reading Notepad++ and XML Editing