notepad++:- Plugin – “JSON Viewer”

Background Running more and more into JSON everywhere I turn.   Notepad++ Notepad++ remains my go-to editor in MS Windows. Let us go back and review how to use JSON Viewer to properly format an unformatted JSON file. Plugin - JSON Viewer Notepad++ has a lot of good things for it. It is small and … Continue reading notepad++:- Plugin – “JSON Viewer”

Git Clone – Error – “fatal: Too many arguments”

Background Ran into a little error using ""Git Bash" on MS Windows.   Error Error Message - fatal: Too many arguments. Image Text Code TroubleShooting Outline Show Hidden Characters Linux / GitBash vi show hidden characters MS Windows Notepad++ show hidden characters Task Git Bash vi Show Hidden Characters Outline Original Plain text view Enter … Continue reading Git Clone – Error – “fatal: Too many arguments”

Notepad++ and XML Editing

Background I need a way to quickly edit XML within my editor of choice, Notepad++. What to do, but took to Google and see whether Notepad++ supports XML. And, yes it does: How to format XML in Notepad   Auto Update In Notepad++, to install or update plugins, I will access the menu option … Continue reading Notepad++ and XML Editing