SQL Server – Database Management – File Groups & Files – v2019/CTP

Background Wanted to list out the steps to add filegroups and files to a database. And, remove them. Outline Create Database File Group Management Add Add Filegroup Add file to filegroup Remove Remove file from filegroup Remove Filegroup Drop Database Tasks Create Database SQL Syntax Sample Filegroup Management Filegroup Management - Add Filegroup Management - … Continue reading SQL Server – Database Management – File Groups & Files – v2019/CTP

SQL Server – v2019 – OS Requirements

Background We are 3 months into 2019, and it is way past time to start evaluating SQL Server v2019. Product Development Cycle In terms of community participation, the product engagement cycle is :- Community Technology Preview ( CTP ) Release Candidate Release To Manufacturing Cumulative Updates Within each of this cycle, there will be tiered … Continue reading SQL Server – v2019 – OS Requirements