SQL Server – Temp Table Structure

Background Created a temporary table on the fly. But, before wrapping things up, I wanted to review the temp table's structure.   SQL sp_help Syntax   Sample Output   Generate Table Create Statement dbo.itvf_getTempTableCreateStatement Procedure Sample Output   Summary Both sp_help and object_id work equally well with temp objects. In the case of sp_help, please … Continue reading SQL Server – Temp Table Structure

Entity Framework – Query – “SELECT 1 AS [C1]” – Workfile & WorkTable

Background Sent a couple of goodwill posts towards Entity Framework. Ever the curmudgeon, it is time to start taking some shots.   Sample Generated Query Query Snippet - Original Here is a very small portion of one of the queries generated by Entity Framework. Query Snippet - Revised Here is a rewrite Explanation We can discard is … Continue reading Entity Framework – Query – “SELECT 1 AS [C1]” – Workfile & WorkTable