Code Commenting:- Day -01

Background I have heard developers say I do not like to write documentation. The documentation is in the code itself.   Scenario:- File Deletion Let us review a code I am looking at this Sunday morning.   Original Code Image Image - Container   Image - Container Outline Container Foreach Loop Delete Script Task DeleteOldFiles … Continue reading Code Commenting:- Day -01

Microsoft – Windows 2012 – Missing Start Bar

Background One of our machines was recently upgraded from MS Windows 2008 to MS Windows 2012. Needing to check its state, I connected over a remote desktop to the machine.   Review Current State Let us review our current state Desktop Images Image - Desktop Image - Desktop - Start Explanation The start menu bar … Continue reading Microsoft – Windows 2012 – Missing Start Bar

David Heinemeier Hansson – Good Programmers

David Heinemeier Hansson Medium Writing for Medium, Christophe Limpalair ( from Linux Academy ) interviews David Heinemeier Hansson. The post is here. Points Here are some good points from the post. Code Presentation Code Quality Bad Looks Having methods that are 15 lines long and do 5 different things Tons of global variables Poorly named … Continue reading David Heinemeier Hansson – Good Programmers