BBC:- Apple Versus NSO Group

  Stories BBC:- Apple sues Israeli spyware firm NSO Group Link Apple is suing Israeli spyware firm NSO Group and its parent company for allegedly targeting iPhone users with a hacking tool. NSO's Pegasus software can infect both iPhones and Android devices, allowing operators to extract messages, photos, and emails, record calls, and secretly activate … Continue reading BBC:- Apple Versus NSO Group

WordPress – Two-Factor Authentication

Background I am a firm believer in glasnost. And, for that reason I choose not to talk much about security in the open space. But, in truth like a lot of things, conditions push us towards "closeness" ever so often. Definition Wikipedia Link Multi-factor authentication is a method of confirming a user's claimed identity in … Continue reading WordPress – Two-Factor Authentication

Phishing Paypal :-

Background This morning received an obvious phishing email. Chose to play along and see if it is one already known to Google's Chrome.   Evidence Gathering Email Email Folder - Junk Email Here is what the email looks like: Email Screen Email Text PауРаl PауРаl   Hello,Аs раrt оf оur sесuritу mеаsurеs , wе rеgulаrlу sсrееn асtivitу … Continue reading Phishing Paypal :-

Technical: IT – Security – Ransomware – Cryptolocker

Technical: IT - Security - Ransomware - Cryptolocker Introduction Researching a different post and found some interesting posts by Hank Arnold @  ( US local police department pays CryptoLocker ransom A local police department in Swansea, Massachusetts, has paid cybercrooks behind the CryptoLocker ransomware attack to decrypt files locked up by the malware … Continue reading Technical: IT – Security – Ransomware – Cryptolocker