Elections 2020:- Financial Contributors

Money Contributed OpenSecrets.Org Link   # Contributor Affiliation Total Contributors Republican Democrat 1 Sheldon G. & Miriam O. Adelson Las Vegas Sands/Adelson Drug Clinic - Las Vegas, NV 180 million 180 million 0 2 Michael R. Bloomberg New York 100 million 0 100 million 3 Thomas & Taylor Steyer San Francisco 67 million 0 67 … Continue reading Elections 2020:- Financial Contributors

Renaissance Technologies

Background As I browsed the Internet, found out that Robert Mercer is giving up his day job as a CEO. And, returning to being a researcher. Tradition His trajectory follows that of some before him. Notably Bill Gates, at 55 years old, self demoted from Microsoft CEO to Founder and Technology Adviser. And, Larry Ellison … Continue reading Renaissance Technologies