Python ( v3 ) Installation On Windows

Background As I read through a news article, it made mention of an application. I was sufficiently teased to look more into the application.   Application I wanted to understand the application's installation steps and discovered that the application is installed using python's pip module. To access, python's pip, I know that I will need … Continue reading Python ( v3 ) Installation On Windows

Linux – CentOS /v8 – Avail Python/v2

Background Let us get Python version 2 to be the default Python version on our machine. Outline List installed Python Versions If not installed, Install Python version 2 Review Installed Locations Set Python Version 2 as the default version of Python Confirm Current Version of Python List Installed Python Versions Outline alternatives compgen alternatives Outline … Continue reading Linux – CentOS /v8 – Avail Python/v2