ODBC – API – SQLBindParameter – Date, Time – Timestamp – Error Messages

Background Wanted to highlight a few less than intuitive error messages one can run into when trying to work on dates using the SQLBindParameter. BTW,  our programming language is C and ODBC. Code 1) DATE_STRUCT // SQL_C_TYPE_DATE // SQL_TYPE_DATE Code Output 2) SQL_TIMESTAMP_STRUCT // SQL_C_TYPE_TIMESTAMP // SQL_TYPE_TIMESTAMP Code Output 3) SQL_TIMESTAMP_STRUCT // SQL_C_TYPE_TIMESTAMP // SQL_TYPE_TIMESTAMP … Continue reading ODBC – API – SQLBindParameter – Date, Time – Timestamp – Error Messages

Regular Expression – Tools

Background Wanted to list a couple of products that one can use to quickly try our Regular Expressions against a text dataset. Online Tools Regular Expression Tester Dan's Tools Regex Testing Website Link gskinner Regexr.com Website Link   In Depth Dan's Tools Regex Testing Outline Launch a web browser Sojourn to https://www.regextester.com/ ( Link ) … Continue reading Regular Expression – Tools

Powershell/Regular Expression :- Get Host’s IP Address

Background Quick follow-up to our past attempts at using Regular Expression to parse data within a lithe PowerShell Script. Regular Expression Positive Look Behind Regular-Expressions.Info Lookahead and Lookbehind Zero-Length Assertions Web Link Link The construct for positive lookbehind is (?<=text): a pair of parentheses, with the opening parenthesis followed by a question mark, "less than" symbol, … Continue reading Powershell/Regular Expression :- Get Host’s IP Address

Powershell :- Regular Expression – Using [regex]::matches

Background In our last post spoke about using the match operator to issue Regular Expression calls. Lineage PowerShell :- Regular Expression Link RegEx Class The -Match operator is a bit restrictive in terms of flexibility and so it is likely better to utilize the RegEx Class. Outline Access RegEx Class Match operator The first operand … Continue reading Powershell :- Regular Expression – Using [regex]::matches

PowerShell :- Regular Expression

  Background Looking at a useful tool written in PowerShell. But, it was fading. Time to play around with Regular Expression, Regex. Code Powershell Objective Prepare Regular Expression In our case, stored in $regexp Prepare Input In our case, store in $fullname Issue RegEx call using -match operator Results is saved in Hashtable The name … Continue reading PowerShell :- Regular Expression