PostgreSQL :- Function/Metadata

Background Now that we have a couple of functions written, let us see how to review metadata on functions. Code SQL Output GUI DBeaver Outline To review function properties, please do the following :- Launch DBeaver Connect to PostgreSQL Instance Navigate to Schema \ {Schema} \ Functions \ {Function} Function Parameters Navigate on Selection From … Continue reading PostgreSQL :- Function/Metadata

PostgreSQL – Function – SQL (v2)

Background A quick follow-up to our introduction post on writing functions in PostgreSQL. Lineage PostgreSQL – Function – SQL Link Code Outline Here are the changes Using "Type of " Table name rather than having to replicate the table definition Like it, because it reminds of same construct in Oracle Variable Name Using same name … Continue reading PostgreSQL – Function – SQL (v2)

PostgreSQL – Function – SQL

Background Let us create a new Function in PostgreSQL. What will the Function do ? It will accept three arguments ( country, region, and city ). Based on that criteria it will return customers from the Northwind database. SQL Code Invoke Invoke #1 Output Invoke #2 Output References Stack Overflow Difference between language sql and language … Continue reading PostgreSQL – Function – SQL