PostgreSQL :- Create free pages in Table

Background Wanted to intentionally create free pages in a PostgreSQL table. Outline DDL Create a new table ( dateRange) DML Add data to table ( dateRange.insert.sql ) Update data in table ( dateRange.update.series.sql ) Delete data from table ( dateRange.delete.series.sql ) Metadata Extension Review Free Space ( pg_freespacemap.sql ) Code DDL Create Table Add Data Delete … Continue reading PostgreSQL :- Create free pages in Table

PostgreSQL :- Extensions :: pg_buffercache

Background As we used the pg_buffercache extension in our last post, let us talk about how we register it. Extensions Available Extensions pg_catalog.pg_available_extensions Outline Available extensions are exposed via the pg_catalog.pg_available_extensions view. Columns name Name of the extension default_version The default version number This is the version of the extension that is installed when "CREATE … Continue reading PostgreSQL :- Extensions :: pg_buffercache