ANSI Standards – Database – Substring

Background Reviewing some SQL and wanted to point out a tiny dissimilarity between database platforms. Data Our test table is Oracle's SCOTT.EMP Here is what the data looks like :- Substring/Substr The HIREDATE is the only well formatted fixed length string. Its format is DD-MMM-YY. Query Oracle SQL Output Explanation Oracle relies on Substr to … Continue reading ANSI Standards – Database – Substring

PostgreSQL :- Datatype – bpchar

Background I went back and started reviewing the script uses for creating the customer table in the Northwind database. northwind pthom We are using the script furnished by pthom. It is published via GitHub and availed here. Here is the portion that creates the customer table What is bpchar? The customer_id column is defined as bpchar … Continue reading PostgreSQL :- Datatype – bpchar

Transact SQL :- Return set of numbers

Background Upon seeing the ease with which one is able to generate series of Numbers and Dates with PostgreSQL generate_series function, googled for same in SQL Server \ Transact SQL. Working Version Sebastian Webber Sebastian Webber has a working version. Where else but StackOverlow or GitHub. Here is the Gist URL :- sebastianwebber/generate_series.sql Link Code … Continue reading Transact SQL :- Return set of numbers

PostgreSQL :- psql :- \dt => Did not find any relations

Background Playing around with PostgreSQL. psql I have PostgreSQL installed on my laptop and so thankful I have psql, a terminal mode interface loaded, as well. Commands \dt Googled for how to list tables. And, was told to use the \dt command. Command Command - Sample Output Output - Image Output - Textual Explanation Upon … Continue reading PostgreSQL :- psql :- \dt => Did not find any relations

Why you can’t be a good .Net Developer // Postgres and MySQL

Day Jobs Day jobs aside, there are some people that have had a thing or two to say in response to an Industry's rant on "Why you can't be a good .Net developer". Here are some of them.... Enrico, Italian programmer in Sweden. On Being a Good .NET Developer Link Ted Neward It is too possible … Continue reading Why you can’t be a good .Net Developer // Postgres and MySQL

Apache / Tomcat – PostgreSQL – Sample Database Query

  Background A few weeks ago I covered a little Java/JDBC-JSTL Application.  The app read data out of a Microsoft SQL Server DB.  The application sat on a Apache Tomcat which is an Opensource Web Server and Servlet Container. Here is similar version that reads data from a PostgreSQL Database. There are many similarities between … Continue reading Apache / Tomcat – PostgreSQL – Sample Database Query