PostgreSQL:- Function – IsNull

Background Working in PostgreSQL. Recently, I had a need to determine whether a record's column value is null. And, if so graciously manage it. Code Sample Overview In the sample below, we use a case statement. Within the case statement, we check if our column is null. If so we return true, else return false. … Continue reading PostgreSQL:- Function – IsNull

PostgreSQL/psql:-Error – “invalid byte sequence for encoding “UTF8″: 0xff”

Background On an MS Windows Machine, ran psql to load data unto a PostgreSQL instance. But, run into a blocking error. Error Error Text - invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0xff Image Textual   TroubleShooting Outline Source Code notepad++ Source Code notepad++ Load the file into notepad++. Access menu option Encoding. The file's current … Continue reading PostgreSQL/psql:-Error – “invalid byte sequence for encoding “UTF8″: 0xff”

PostgreSQL:- Conditional Create Foreign Key

Background In PostgreSQL, needfully wise to add a foreign key constraint to one of our existing tables.   Entity Model Here is our Entity Model. Model Data Data - Table - key_genre_english Data - Table - key_english SQL Table Table:- Key_genre_english   Table:- Key_english Constraint - Foreign Key Foreign Key:- Key_english Outline Begin Anonymous Code … Continue reading PostgreSQL:- Conditional Create Foreign Key

PostgreSQL ( v13) – Installation on CentOS ( v8 )

Background I be honest, I was trying to do something on an Oracle Database. But, did not like the implementation details. So playing it off for a minute.   PostgreSQL So here I am. Might as well install a PostgreSQL database instance on one of the machines in our Lab environment. It will be a … Continue reading PostgreSQL ( v13) – Installation on CentOS ( v8 )