MySQL:- Functions

Background Wanted to cover a couple of MySQL System Functions.   System Functions   Category Use Function Name Syntax Sample Data Date and Time Functions Current Date CurDate curdate() 2020-08-24 current_date current_date() 2020-08-24 Current Time CurTime curtime() 09:27:01 current_time current_time() 09:27:01 Day Function Day of the Month day day(curdate()) 24 Day Name dayname dayname(curdate()) Monday … Continue reading MySQL:- Functions

MySQL – Sample – Sakila – Adding new customer record

Background Wanted to see how hard it will be to play around with the sakila MySQL Database. Objective Our objective will be to add a couple of records to the sakila.customer table. Because the table has a couple of foreign keys, we need to get a handle to valid entries in those tables, as well. … Continue reading MySQL – Sample – Sakila – Adding new customer record