Searching Text:- Case Sensitivity

Background As I looked through a generated file, I was a bit perplexed as to why some matches were missing. Code I went back and looked at the code I was using to generate the file, it looked OK. Yet, at the back of my mind, I am sorry that I did not follow up … Continue reading Searching Text:- Case Sensitivity

Search Text On The Terminal

Background For us who spend a lot of time on the command line in terminal node, we always have to sort through data returned through applications. The find and grep command comes in handy. Text File Let us use a simple text file. namelist.txt   Search Platform MS Windows findstr command Outline Display File Pipe … Continue reading Search Text On The Terminal

Git:- Show untracked files

Background Here I am after a good weekend of labor, I will like to make sure that added files are stored away in our source control.   Git Git Status When one issues "git status", it shows untracked files and directories. Git Status -u To show only untracked files, please append the -u option.   … Continue reading Git:- Show untracked files

gcc/MinGW – Utilities – ldd and objdump

Background Let us cover a couple of utilities that are bundled with gcc/minGW toolset. Lineage NetCat – Visual Studio – Source Code Compilation Link Netcat on MS Windows – Sample Usage Link MinGW – Error – “undefined reference to `__imp_WSAStartup'” LinkLink Need When troubleshooting an application one sometimes wants to gain familiarity with the dependant … Continue reading gcc/MinGW – Utilities – ldd and objdump