Accessing from 3rd Party Software


Mistakenly deleted all the emails in my inbox this morning.

The functionality that Microsoft has to recover email is dauntingly inaccessible.

One has to select individual emails as one is not able to select all emails at once.

Way Forward

A good forward is to use 3rd party email tools.  Let us try Windows Applications, rather than browsers.

Windows Live Mail

Tried Windows Live Mail, but not able to successfully authenticate with my email address and password.

One good thing I got from trying to use “Windows Live Mail” is a text message on my phone.

The message reads:

You need a new app password to keep your apps and devices working.  Learn more here:

Went there, followed the steps, and accepted a password, but it did not work for us.


Mozilla.Org – Thunderbird

Always like Mozilla.Org’s Thunderbird and so tried that next.


Here is the contents that Microsoft has on APHelp.





Here is Microsoft’s exact words:
If you’ve turned on two-step verification and you see an incorrect password error with an app or device, you’ll need to get and enter a unique app password to sign in. Once you’ve signed in with your app password, you’re all set to use that app or device. You’ll need to create a different app password to sign in to each app or device that can’t prompt you for a security code.

The steps for generating a new app password are always the same. Repeat these steps to get a different password for every app or device that needs an app password:

Go to the Security settings page for your Microsoft account.

Under App passwords, tap or click Create a new app password.

A new app password is generated and appears on your screen.

Enter this app password where you would enter your normal password.


Please sign in to



Account Live.Com – Security Settings




Microsoft’s word
App passwords

Some apps and devices (such as Xbox 360, Windows Phone, or mail apps on your other devices) don’t support security codes for two-step verification. In these cases, you need to create an app password to sign in. 

Create a new app password
Remove existing app passwords

App Password Add

To request a new password, please click here.


Thunderbird email configuration

Let us go use our new App’s password:

Welcome to Thunderbird


Mail Account Setup

Please enter your email address and password.


Mail Account Setup

As we entered  a well know domain name,, Thunderbird is able to successfully auto-configure us.

We receive the good message “Configuration found in Mozilla ISP database”.



Item Value Description
 Mail Storage IMAP Choices are IMAP or POP3.

With IMAP mails are kept on the server; while with POP mails are kept locally.





BTW, outside of receiving notifications on my cell phone as to need for an “App Password“, received notification on my gmail inbox, as well.

Here is the gmail message.

gmail notification




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