File System – Folder Sizes in Powershell

Background Needing to get folder sizes, but did not want to remote desktop to the machine and get the folder size using MS Windows Explorer. Code PowerShell Link Link Body Output  

Win OS RecycleBin – Access via Powershell

Background Over the Thanksgiving weekend spent time tackling a couple of machines that were running low on storage. There are so many ways that one can lose space in MS Windows. And, so we look between the white spaces. in the past Recycle Bin Emptying Using Powershell Link Recycle Bin For those who want to … Continue reading Win OS RecycleBin – Access via Powershell

Recycle Bin Emptying Using Powershell

Background One might find that the Recycle Bin is taking up a good chuck of storage. Remediation Powershell Let us use Powershell to dump our recycle bins. Cmdlet :- Clear-RecycleBin Syntax Here is the Syntax Sample All Drives Script Output Drive Letters Specified Script Output Confirm Confirm - True Script Output Explanation Prompted Confirm - … Continue reading Recycle Bin Emptying Using Powershell

Raimund Andrée – NTFSSecurity – Usage Scenario – Day 1

Background Now that we have downloaded and installed Raimund Andrée's NTFSSecurity in one of the standard PowerShell Module's folder, we are ready to write a little test code and see how well it works. Code Script getNTFSPermissions.ps1   Sample Get Permissions for Excel files Code Output Get Permissions for Scheduled Tasks ( Local to machine) Code … Continue reading Raimund Andrée – NTFSSecurity – Usage Scenario – Day 1

WinOS – Identify Large Files Using WinDirStat

Introduction This is the second in a series of posts on identifying the largest set of files on Windows Computer. Lineage WinOS – Identify Large Files Using SpaceSniffer Link   Download Please download the portable version of WinDirStat from here.   Usage Launch As it is a portable app, no need to install, just launch … Continue reading WinOS – Identify Large Files Using WinDirStat

NTFS Permissions – Via “Net Share”

Background Have a need to create a few shares and grant permissions to them. We will use NetShare to automate the Share Creation and permissioning.   Use NetShare To Create And Grant Permissions Using NetShare grant permissions to Share SQLErrorLog Code Explanation In the sample above, we did the following: Created a new network share … Continue reading NTFS Permissions – Via “Net Share”

MS Windows – Scheduler – Error – “An account failed to log on” – NULL SID ( Day 2)

Background In a recent post, we spoke of correcting a scheduled process that was failing on the robocopy step. We fixed it by setting the Scheduled task to run with the “Run with highest privileges” option turned on.   Code Original Code Here is the original code Error Better Code Here is the revised code And, … Continue reading MS Windows – Scheduler – Error – “An account failed to log on” – NULL SID ( Day 2)