Win OS :- Remove Temporary Internet Files

Background Wanted to remove left behind temporary Internet files. Folder Stats C:\Users WinDirStat Images Image - WinDirStat Explanation 16 GB Windows Explorer Images Image - Windows Explorer Explanation 15.9 GB Script Script- Dos/Batch Source Code Control GitHub DanielAdeniji/winOSInternetTempfilesCleanup Link  

Dos Batch File – Special Characters

Background If you end up having special characters as in the case of nice passwords and also needing to use delayed expansions in your batch file, you might have to escape those passwords. Batch File Deploy Invoke Outline Server Name :- User :- dadeniji Password :- paul.winters Actual Invocation Output Output - Textual Output … Continue reading Dos Batch File – Special Characters

youtube-dl :- Convert Downloaded Video to Audio

Background By default artifacts downloaded from YouTube comes across as video. Lineage YouTube – Upload – “Stuck at Processing 95%” Date Published :- 2016-Jan-29th Link ClipConverter is not available for videos containing music Date Published :- 2018-Nov-18th Link youtube-dl For example, youtube-dl downloads comes across as mp4. Let us convert our downloaded video to audio. … Continue reading youtube-dl :- Convert Downloaded Video to Audio

WinOS – Restart Computer through Script

Background Needing to restart a computer that is not accessible via Remote Desktop. Script DOS Batch Here is a Dos Script that can help. Outline Expects lone argument passed in to be computer name of host to restart Initiates shutdown.exe /r :- Restart /d p:0:0 :- Reason is a planned restart /m :- Computer that … Continue reading WinOS – Restart Computer through Script

MS Windows – Create timestamp copy of original file ( using batch file )

Background There is a batch file that I have that fails occasionally. And, yes it creates a log file. But, unfortunately by the time that I go look, it has re-attempted and worked well. And, so I am losing the error message.   Clone File Let us clone the file and name the new file … Continue reading MS Windows – Create timestamp copy of original file ( using batch file )

Scheduled Task – Xcopy does not copy file

Background We have a scheduled script that was not working as new files were not being copied over. But, also there were no errors logged.   Script - Backup Here is what the original script looks like. Script - Backup ( Original ) Script - Backup ( Revision ) Added code to capture and expose … Continue reading Scheduled Task – Xcopy does not copy file