WordPress:- SyntaxHighlighter Code Block – Modern Languages

Background For those who enjoy sharing code online, WordPress offers a viable platform. WordPress SyntaxHighlighter Code Block Languages Supported Languages actionscript3 bash clojure coldfusion cpp csharp css delphi diff erlang fsharp groovy html java javafx javascript latex (you can also render LaTeX) matlab (keywords only) objc perl php powershell python r ruby scala sql text … Continue reading WordPress:- SyntaxHighlighter Code Block – Modern Languages

Win OS – Dos Command – Dir – Filtering

Background In Microsoft's Win OS, we use the dir ( directory ) command to list files and folders on the file system.   ls Linux has its ls command.  We have dir. Interesting enough, in Linux, everything is a file. As such simply saying ls, that is list, is very short cut. While being fully … Continue reading Win OS – Dos Command – Dir – Filtering

DOS/Batch:- Get Current Drive Letter

Outline Current Folder Symbol Meaning Explanation %cd% Change Directory/Current Directory %cd:~0,2% Change Directory/Current Directory 1) cd means to get current folder 2) :~0,2 2a) 0 means do not skip any characters 2b) 2 means to get the next two characters Running Script Symbol Meaning %~d0 Running Script Full Drive %~p0 Running Script Folder %~dp0 Running … Continue reading DOS/Batch:- Get Current Drive Letter

OS Commands:- Find Files Processed In the Last N Days

Background I need to find files that I have worked on lately.   OS OS  Linux Find Command Samples Sample - Find Files modified In the Last 3 Days Outline Folder Folder is . . here means current folder Type Type is f Type is f as in file iname iname means case insensitive name … Continue reading OS Commands:- Find Files Processed In the Last N Days

DOS – Batch – Error – “was unexpected at this time”

Background Let us pull in real quick and talk about a DOS ditch that is easy to get ensnared in.   DOS-Batch Original Code Output Output - Image Output - Text Revision Outline The error is due to the presence of the ? in the rem statement We have to escape the question ( ? … Continue reading DOS – Batch – Error – “was unexpected at this time”

Windows Powershell ISE:- File Encoding

Background Last week I was trying to get a Powershell code to work. As we have different "environments" this particular script needs to work on at least one machine in each distinct environment.   Command File The script creates extracts each time it runs. I really did not want those extracts to be saved all … Continue reading Windows Powershell ISE:- File Encoding

Microsoft:- Office 365 – Version

Background Those who are charged with purchasing Microsoft products are noticing that Microsoft is running full steam ahead with its transition from selling products to selling services. In days gone by customers spaced along a few years, customers will buy Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2017, etc. More recently it is Office 365. Question Earlier … Continue reading Microsoft:- Office 365 – Version

MS DOS – Command Line Parameters

Background Looking at someone's code is a good way to tighten up one's own education. I was looking at a good man's code and immediately knew, I had a huge learning curve.   Table Pattern Meaning Sample Script %~dp0 Command Line Folder C:\batchfile\helloWorld\ %~n0 Command Line File helloWorld %~f0 Command Line Folder And File C:\batchfile\helloWorld\helloWorld.cmd … Continue reading MS DOS – Command Line Parameters