IIS/VBScript – GetObject – Error – 2147221020

Background Stole some code and now I can't get it to work. Error Error Image Error Text Code Remediation   Outline Please enable IIS 6 Metabase Access Control Panel Access Programs and Features Within Programs and Features, choose Windows Add Roles and Features Wizard Web Server ( IIS ) Management Tools IIS 6 Management Compatibility … Continue reading IIS/VBScript – GetObject – Error – 2147221020

Get Network Address using VBScript

Background Like everyone else took a boat load of CISCO Networking classes.  Took night classes at the local community college. Forgot about it. But, then last week a Network Engineer asked me what is my network address and I just did not know. Yes, I know how to issue ipconfig and get my IP Address … Continue reading Get Network Address using VBScript

Windows – Windows Script Host/VBScript – Getting Full Name of Network User

Background Here I am with a Network Logon, but no corresponding Fullname.   Windows AD Tools Depending on the version of Windows, we can quickly put together a script for getting the information.   If invalid username, you will get :   If valid user, you will get something such as :   Code VBScript … Continue reading Windows – Windows Script Host/VBScript – Getting Full Name of Network User

Microsoft – Classic ASP – Error Suppressed

Background The last few weeks I have been battling with a Vendor application that uses a mix of Classic ASP and ASP.Net.  Not to keep the beating to myself, I will like to share some of my bruised ego.   Code Classic ASP We will focus on the Classic ASP code.  There are many reasons … Continue reading Microsoft – Classic ASP – Error Suppressed