SQL Server – Configuration – Default Directories

Background In the last few days knee-deep reviewing SQL Server Installs and Scripts. ServerProperty In the last hour or so found myself looking at what is exposed via ServerProperty. Folders Here are some of the File System folder entries exposed through the ServerProperty function. InstanceDefaultDataPath Name of the default path to the instance log files. … Continue reading SQL Server – Configuration – Default Directories

Transact SQL :- sys.dm_os_enumerate_filesystem – Error – 0x8007007a

Background Still stuck on sys.dm_os_enumerate_filesystem. Want to touch on a couple of diagnostic steps. Lineage Posts along same subject. Transact SQL :- sys.dm_os_enumerate_filesystem Date Published :- 2020-04-23 Link Usage Syntax SQL Sample Sample -01 SQL Output Issues Issue - "Internal error. The string routine in file sql\ntdbms\storeng\dfs\alloc\storagedmv.cpp, line 799 failed with HRESULT 0x8007007a." Error Message … Continue reading Transact SQL :- sys.dm_os_enumerate_filesystem – Error – 0x8007007a

SQL Server – 2019 – Developer Edition – Installation Media

Background Microsoft SQL Server Developer Edition is free for non-production use.   Explore Let us touch on where to get our hands on the install media/ISO. Media Microsoft SQL Server Downloads URL Link Microsoft | Visual Studio Subscriptions URL Link   Review Media Availability Microsoft | Visual Studio Subscriptions Outline Go to Visual Studio Subscriptions … Continue reading SQL Server – 2019 – Developer Edition – Installation Media