Transact SQL :- sys.dm_os_enumerate_filesystem

Background Will like to take a few minutes to discuss an un-documented Transact SQL function. The function's name is sys.dm_os_enumerate_filesystem. Usage Syntax SQL Sample Sample -01 SQL Output Issues Issue - Parameter is incorrect Error Message Textual Image Explanation We passed a null or an empty string as the file pattern to look for. Remediate … Continue reading Transact SQL :- sys.dm_os_enumerate_filesystem

Transact SQL – STRING_AGG – Error – “Incorrect syntax near ‘within'”

Background Working on a script, but noticed an error when I tried to sort the data using the String_Agg within group clause. Code Let us reproduce using a sample data set. SQL Sample -01 SQL Output Sample -02 Outline If one reviews our output, one will notice that the cities are listed based on the … Continue reading Transact SQL – STRING_AGG – Error – “Incorrect syntax near ‘within'”